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Measure in love......   
12:28am 24/10/2006
mood: content
Hye kids. what's up? nmh. Just chillin in my dorm, doning some hw and then off to bed. I had a softball meeting today, and we got our workout schedual. It shouldn't be too hard, of course it's going to get some getting used to, the weight training shouldn't be too bad, i just don't like cardio. I hate running. Anyway, we also got told that we have a pysco coach. He's completely insane fomr what i've heard. If it gets me in shape, then this guy is good. lol.
Omg i watched a pretty amazing movie today, too. I don't know if the movie was really that good, but i just liked looking at the guy named Ducke. She's A Man is a pretty amazing movie. I suggest, if you watch this movie for one thing and one thing only, watch it to look at Duke. Danm!!! that kid is hott. lol
well, i'm off to bed. I need sleep b/c i got up to go to breakfast this morning @ 5:30. If you're wondering why, it's because today was mole day. 6.02 x 10^23 < for those of you who know what i'm talking about.

<3 you all.
Now there's a ten! Based on the bootay!   
04:58pm 22/10/2006
mood: mellow
Hey everyone, what's up?
nmh. Just got back from the weekend at home. It was fun, but man did it go by fast. i need better vacations. This weekend in long weekend though, so that should be fun. I'm going home again. I can't wait, because i'm going to go see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!! It's like one of my favorite movies ever and i get to go see it! yay!
Anywho, i bought a fake pumpkin today. I'm gonna carve it sometime this week. I bought a strobe light for the inside. i'll post a pic of it once i decide what to carve in it. Any suggestions? they would be great.
So it seems when i left for the weekend i missed some awesome stuff. My friends got completely and utterly drunk off their asses, and video tapped pretty much the whole thing. It was pretty amazing to watch. I wish i was here though. O well, it was going to see the family, eventhough i get to seee them this weekend too.
well, i'm off. I think i'm going to go down to my friend holly's room. i'll ttul!
<3 steph
Every single day i walk down the street.....   
07:17pm 19/10/2006
mood: calm
Hey everyone! how are you?! i'm fine here. I have a two exams tomarrow, but i'm not stressing though. I have a pretty goond handle on philosophy, and i can study pretty well for theatre. I love theatre. It's just so much fun. It make me happy even thinking about it. It just gives me such a natural high. You get to get be someone that you would never think that you could be. You could be anyone from a school girl just looking for the answer to love, or the strict teacher, who thinks that she's stupid even looking for a answer, or maybe even the girl she falls in love with. lol. I can't wait to start a career in theatre. :D

I get to go home this weekend too! yay for home cooked food!! i miss everyone at home and i can't wait to see them all. I miss my cat soooo much. lol. plus i get to go the movies wiht my mom and see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!!, with my mom. I can't wait to see her. I miss her. It's kinda boring without her. I always had someone to come home and speak completely frank with, and it was amazing. yay for going home!!!

well, i have a few things to do before i go to my tap class. I'll probably post tomarrow night too. Well, till then, leave me some comments!! lol

<3 steph
Hey kids!   
01:08am 19/10/2006
mood: anxious
Hey everyone! ( or no one since this i my first post. lol) This is my new lj. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, random thoughts, feel free to leave my anything your little heart desires.
i'll post more tomarrow, if i have time. it's going to be busy.
well, ttul
<3 steph
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